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I have a test on thursday, and in the week following the midsemester break, two tests, two write-ups and a presentation to prepare.
"Break" maybe being a bit of a misnomer.
I don't know... I can't think of any humanly way to get A+ in the two subjects I need it in to get into Hons that doesn't involve me getting a complete personality rehaul, with brand-spanking new features such as
It isn't the motivation that's lacking. Well, not during class anyway. During class I'm super motivated, I've got 987876547364523 ideas of ways to study and things to write, and then I go home and it all disappears.

Man... right now I just don't want to do anything. I don't even want to play the Sims (That's a bad sign).

Moody Belle = not FTW.

Date: 2008-04-12 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hullo. I got your text (arriterre tells me it's your number - I didn't have it): this is my new lj name. I never update curtmantle any more, I've been thinking about deleting that journal.

For the party on the 24th, what do you want us to do for the theme? (If you want people to bring games, we've got a great couple for the Wii).

Sorry, couldn't text you back - no money on my phone.

Date: 2008-04-15 02:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Haha, that's fine, I'm not great with the phone anyway.
The theme is a costume thing. Come as whoever you like from any video game, any platform, any era. Thanks for the offer but don't worry about bringing games.
I would say no one will be playing games anyway, but I guess that could turn out to be untrue. Nevertheless, we don't have a Wii.

Who will you come as?

I'm coming as Major Kusanagi from the Ghost In The Shell game. It's kind of cheating, since I just really like her from the anime and have never played the game. Oh well.

I think Jase is going to be Crash Bandicoot. Heehee.


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