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I have an anatomy test on Monday at three. IN THE STUDY break! They are bitches upon bitches.
However, maybe this is a good thing, because that stuff will be in the exam anyway. So really no time is lost.

Still, bitches upon bitches.

So I get to spend several days looking at kidneys, blood vessels, lungs, penises, testicles, vaginas, uteruses, and parts of the digestive tract.


I maintain that erections are the best demonstration of the influence of blood pressure in your body.

The "lulz" in my title is an allusion to these retarded girls in my lab class who DESPITE being in a second-stage anatomy class, are still uncomfortable saying "penis" and "vagina" and erupt into uncontrollable giggles at every mention of the reproductive system.

God some people are fucking stupid.

I'm getting pretty damn worried about 304, the molecular pharmacology paper, because I've failed two of the lab reports, and there are four lab reports to hand in, and I haven't gotten the fourth one back. I'm not sure if we need to pass the lab reports on their own to pass the paper as a whole.


Date: 2008-06-07 09:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Are you still going to be a vet, Bulle?

Date: 2008-06-07 12:12 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

At the moment it is looking like no, though part of me still wants it. I don't know if that's the life I want to have. Then again, that's how I feel about everything.

I'm doing a PgDip in medical sciences next year, further delaying the decision-making. When I'm in Scotland, I'll apply for med, and vet and various med-y things that aren't vomitingly boring, and whatever I can get into I will do...

In the unlikely event that I get into several things including vet, I will most likely choose it, because it is still after all, what I want the most. Unfortunately it's also insanely hard to get into.

I say "in the unlikely event" not in fake modesty, but because my marks, although not terrible, are pretty unimpressive. I'm not really sure if I'll meet the scottish standard.

I hate this "pick a direction" crap... I seem to hear it a lot, and I can't wuite understand where the implication comes from, because no one really says it directly to me. I wonder if you "hear it too"... if not I think it's because of the degree I'm in (biomed) where, to be frank, you basically pick a box and stuff yourself in it.

I feel as if at a particular point in time I will have to choose a path that will suddenly have me on track to living a sedate, unidirectional, and completely predictable career path - and lifestyle - where I "slowly make my way up" until, once at the top, I bitterly mimic people who were in authority of me when I was a lowly undergrad.

I can't think of anything more terrifyingly mundane.


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