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I'm brimming with nerdy excitement for the coming five days. My first exam is on wednesday, and I'm positively feverish at the thought of the sheer volume of knowledge I'll have at that stage, regardless of whether or not it's enough to do well in the exam. I love knowing things. I love knowing how things work.

The period of exams I don't like is the period a few weeks before, when I'm reeling from all the internal work - especially lab reports, which make me want to drop out altogether - and how BADLY I always do in internal work. So, just before exams, something switches on that goes "alright, nothing to lose now, you can still do well, just throw yourself in there".

I've got horrendous marks so far, and a potential fail in 304, but I'm so excited I frankly don't care. The exam is worth the most of the course anyway.

The only thing that worries me now though is that if I do fail 304 - which I think I won't, but it is a possibility - I don't think I can hoist my GPA up to 5, to get into PSYCH 305. Which could force me to do genetics.

I'd rather do an extra year than do genetics. I hate genetics.

God I hate genetics.

Also, [ profile] arriterre when you're in England we're going to come see you on the canals in a house-boat. Say yes.
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