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I'm at tamaki campus at the moment. It's a weird campus, kind of depressing. I don't know, there are quite a few people here, but there's something really empty about it. Plus it reminds me a little of a cross between kristin and massey >_O

Lots of work on at the moment (I say that a lot, but it's always true) but I'm much more cheerful in general. I've stopped caring about getting good marks. Well, not exactly. I've just pretty much tried to forget there *are* marks. It feels much better studying something scrupulously to fully understand it and get that "aha" moment than it does crammig, regurgitating, and crossing fingers.

But, you know, that doesn't stop me when consistently finishing assignments at 3am the day they're due. It's all good :3 I'll just keep disgusting everyone with reheated coffee and toil away in the night.*

Plus we bought a computer. For games. A month before exams.
We're replaying Diablo 2 LOD with the Assassin, which I've never done before. We've also ordered Fable and installed FEAR to replay in the night... brrrr. I love watching that game, but I can't play it myself or I'd bust an artery or something. So. Tense.

But my big looky-forwardy-excity-thingy is LOTRO. drool all over self

*(Okay, for serials, you will no longer endure the reheated coffee thing. It is fucking disgusting. I just couldn't be bothered making a new batch that night.)


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